Posted in 2 Stars, Book Challenge - 2017

#2: A book set in two time periods

the-best-of-me-book-coverNicholas Sparks drives me crazy and I’ve only read one and half of his books.  Admittedly, I haven’t read The Notebook.  I saw the movie and bawled, but I didn’t feel the need to read it. Several years ago I tried to read True Believer but I just couldn’t get through it.

I was gifted The Best of Me a few years ago and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf, untouched.  On a whim, I decided to give Sparks another whirl. Ugghhh….

So here’s the thing that perplexes me about Nicholas Sparks – people absolutely love his books. Why????  Eleven of his books (including The Best of Me) have been adapted into full feature films. Again, mind boggling.

The Best of Me is ridiculous in plot. By the halfway point, the main character Dawson Coles has almost died on an oil rig explosion, has killed a man (albeit accidentally), has served time in prison, has seen a ghost, and has grown up in a backwaters a la Deliverance hill billy family complete with an abusive alcoholic father and thug cousins who carry glocks and run a drug operation.  Wait, doesn’t Nicholas Sparks write romance novels?

I debated giving up on this book as well. But I was compelled to read on just to find out how this absurd book ended. It was a doozy. Without spoiling the ending, let’s just say I cringed and rolled my eyes. I doubt I will ever pick up another Nicholas Sparks novel. Never. Ever. Ever.